How Taco Bell Nutrition Facts Changed How We Think About Death

When you’re looking for low-fat, healthy fast food options. Taco Bell is not likely to be the first place that pops into your mind. Greasy taco meat and the high calorie content of their cheese-laden dishes are enough to use up a day’s worth of calories in one meal. Taco Bell nutrition facts information can give you the tools you need to make wise choices when eating at Taco-Bell.

Although cooking at home affords you the best chance to know what foods are going into your stomach. An occasional trip to Taco Bell nutrition facts can be enjoyed with sound nutrition facts information as your guide.

Taco Bell Nutrition Facts : Al Fresco Menu

The recent addition of Taco Bell’s Al Fresco menu offers customers lower-calorie versions of many of their popular menu items. Taco Bell nutrition facts information shows that three of the burritos on the Al Fresco menu are half the calories of their full-fat, calorie-laden counterparts on the regular menu.

The Taco Bell nutrition facts Al Fresco menu also offers three choices of tacos, all around 150 calories each. By replacing fatty sauces and the addition of cheese with a vegetable-base pico de gallo. Half the calories are remove to give customers with a lower fat meal option.

Taco Bell Nutrition Facts : Substitute with Veggies

Most Taco Bell nutrition facts menu options are covered with cheese and contain fat-laden refried beans or taco meat. Fortunately, Taco Bell allows you to ask to have certain ingredients removed or added to tacos, burritos and other wrap-style menu choices. Skip the cheese, sauce and ask for less meat or beans. Ask for extra lettuce, tomatoes and other vegetables to add flavor and fiber to your meal choice, while reducing calories and fat.

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Similar to the Al Fresco menu, by specifying the addition or removal of certain ingredients. You can use Taco Bell nutrition facts information in your favor.

Taco Bell Nutrition Facts : Make No Assumptions

You probably know to avoid nachos at Taco Bell nutrition facts menu, but don’t make assumptions about other food choices that would normally be view as healthy. Salad is often the go-to choice for fast food customers looking to eat more nutritious.

When choosing salad at Taco Bell nutrition facts , avoid meat and cheese covered salads. Such as the Chicken Ranch Taco Salad, which packs a whopping 910 calories. Instead, choose a vegetable salad with low-fat dressing on the side.

In your quest to eat a healthy diet, take time to become acquainted with Taco Bell nutrition facts information as well as nutritional information for any other fast food restaurant you intend to go to. Doing so helps you make food choices you can enjoy without putting your diet and health at risk.